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She strives to make the best pet health recommendation and works with each owner to choose the best treatment for their pet. Sylvestre is a board certified surgeon with the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons.

She has been invited to speak to many international and regional meetings.

Her free time is spent with her son Henry and her loving husband Alex, who -- despite his allergies -- not only puts up with the parade of rescued animals coming into their home, but welcomes them with open arms.

She enjoys gardening, camping, and outdoor adventures with dogs Quiggley and Scotty, Dr. Her compassion shines through every weekend while looking after the many cats and dogs who visit us.

In 2004, she joined others to create a full service, 24/7 referral hospital in Oakville, allowing her to open a rehabilitation centre and service a far greater number of animals.

For the past several years, Dr Sylvestre has also spent a lot of time at the Animal Hospital of Cambridge, helping out with the client-owned and rescue animals.

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