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“Up until June, I was basically in a relationship for the whole of my 20s,”says Aoife, who founded luxury sportswear brand Grape & Gander with Grace O’Rourke last year.

“I went from one long-term relationship, which lasted six years, into another two-year one. You can have as much fun as you like — and wake up the next day and go to brunch with the girls.

I’ve spoken to thousands of clients about their struggles on the dating scene and although, as a matchmaker, I am theoretically an ambassador for romance, I’ve learned that Valentine’s Day is simply an empty Hallmark event.

It does little to improve relationships – if anything, it causes agitation and aggravation when either party’s expectations aren’t met.

All of a sudden, polite questions about your love life seem like daggers in the face, deliberately designed to humiliate you.

As the receptionist walks by your desk a dozen times with bunches of a dozen roses bound for someone else in the office, you blush each time thinking it’s another reminder for everyone that they aren’t for you. Valentine’s Day is an empty Hallmark event Operating a dating agency in Ireland gives me a great opportunity to learn all about what motivates people in their search for relationships.There is a joy in not having to answer to anyone but yourself, and it should be embraced.As and when you’re ready to meet someone, then put a plan in place for achieving that goal – whether it’s frequenting the best singles bar, online dating sites or a dating agency – know that once you set your mind to it, you will meet someone with the right effort.Valentine’s is one day, and nobody else is noticing your discomfort with it.Enjoy your status and take advantage of your freedom while you have it.

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