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Recently Government of Bangladesh has taken an initiative on the subject ‘Disaster Management Planning’ through CDMP 2.

To implement the plan in action, primarily has taken an initiative for indication ‘Disaster Risk’ through conversation with all sorts of local people, Union and Upazila Management Committee.

Kjo e fundit ishte shume diskriminuese dhe ekzistoi per nje kohe te gjate ne Myzeqe.

Ajo nuk i lejonte fshataret raja qe ne shtepite e tyre te ndertonin oxhak.

Though it is a disaster prone country but long term’ Disaster Management plan’ has not been prepared for saving the human being, their all sort of resources, livelihood, animals and other asset, rather have been given importance to rehabilitation and on relief.Qeveria turke nuk i mori parasysh njerezit qe banonin ne keto territore, duke u sjelle si nje nga administratat me te pakujdesshme qe kemi pare ne historine e deritanishme.Pergjate Myzeqese se vogel nuk u be asnje punim irrigacioni dhe bonifikimi.Bangladesh is a disaster prone country in the world.Due to Geographical disadvantage, the environment, losing balance of power, are facing various catastrophe like inundation, Tornados, drought, Erosion of river, earthquake, various cyclone, fogginess, white squall and so on. The erosion of river for over flow of water, destroy the location of river side and all the inhabitants lose their all sort of livelihood and livestock and took shelter being pauper in the hovel on the high land or roads.

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