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For example, if you open a file in “r” mode, you won’t be able to write the file as “r” is read only mode that only allows reading.This program asks the user to enter a character and writes that character at the end of the file.

updating a file random access in c-83

updating a file random access in c-22

updating a file random access in c-29

Here str represents the string (array of char) in which you are storing the string after reading it from file.

So far, we have learned file operations on text files, what if the files are binary (such as file).

The above programs will not work for binary files, however there is a minor change in handling Binary files.

Specify the full path here like “C:\myfiles\newfile.txt”.

Reading and writing binary files in C Before we discuss each operation in detail, lets take a simple C program: is the name of the file, which you want to open.

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