Who is hannah dating in pretty little liars

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Shortly after Hannah’s strung-out ex Justin (Brandon Flynn) accuses a confused Clay of being “not so innocent,” Clay receives a package in the mail from Hannah herself.Inside the package are tapes — tapes that tell the story of Hannah’s life, or, more importantly, why she felt it had to end.13 sides for each person responsible for her suicide.Listen to everything and pass it on, Hannah warns, or else a “trusted individual” will make the tapes go public.Tony can’t answer that — and advises Clay to just “keep listening.” Everything will be explained…but that doesn’t mean the journey won’t be a painful one.

Later, though, things turn sour between Alex and Jessica — and Hannah gets caught in the crossfire.Jessica confronts Justin and tells him that she’s worried about Clay: he’s not like the rest of them.Yet Clay has nothing to talk about — at least not yet.And that — well, that would be bad for Clay is immediately freaked out — he can’t figure out why he’s on the tapes at all, and is terrified to find out.He steals a tape player from Tony (Christian Navarro) — one of quiet Clay’s only friends — and lets Hannah’s voice guide him around San Francisco… Never mind that Clay’s own parents are worried about what’s going on in freaked about what Clay heard on the tapes.

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